About us

Local Hospice Lottery began life in 1996 as Farleigh Hospice’s own lottery – a way of generating a regular and reliable income to help fund the care of people affected by cancer and other life limiting illnesses across mid Essex. After eleven years of running the weekly draw, the decision was made to develop the Lottery for the benefit of hospice care in other areas across Great Britain. You can read more about hospice care and what the funds raised by Local Hospice Lottery help to provide under ‘What your support means.’

Today, Local Hospice Lottery operates a society lottery that benefits numerous individual hospices, from the Highlands of Scotland to the South Coast of England, and remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Farleigh Hospice. The hospices we currently work with are listed under ‘Hospices supported.’

Through sharing one prize fund, one lottery system and one experienced and knowledgeable team – lots of expenditure can be saved and our partner hospices can enjoy a low risk, low input way of increasing their income. Our model of operation is based around partner hospices receiving more income from every £1 spent by players entering the draw in support of them, than they would if they ran their own lottery. All profits are donated to hospice care and Local Hospice Lottery gives between 50% and 80% of profits to its partner hospices. For each £1 entry in the weekly draw Local Hospice Lottery gives an average of 60p to hospice care.

Our ever increasing annual contribution to hospice care is significant and has been widely recognised by external bodies such as The Lotteries Council who named Local Hospice Lottery as ‘Lottery Operator of the Year’ in April 2018 and the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care which described us as “A shining example of hospice collaboration.” We were also a finalist for the 2017 Third Sector ‘Enterprise’ Award, a finalist in the 2017 Scottish Institute of Fundraising Awards in the ‘Best Individual Giving Campaign’ category, and was shortlisted for a 2017 Institute of Fundraising Award in the ‘Most Committed Company to the Sector’ Category.

Local Hospice Lottery currently has the largest prize fund of any hospice lottery for players to benefit from with £4,600 in weekly prizes:

  • a £2,000 Prize
  • a £1,000 Rollover Prize (which can reach as high as £25,000!!)
  • a £100 Prize
  • 150 x £10 consolation prizes

PLUS there’s also an opportunity to win an additional £10,000 top prize in our Super Draws every March and September! You can read more about our Super Draws here.

So for just £1 per week per chance (less than the cost of a cup of coffee) Local Hospice Lottery provides a fun, easy and affordable way to support local hospice care AND be in with the chance to win some pretty fantastic prizes too!

This successful partnership is crucial in enabling us to provide our vital services and over £1 million has been raised for the Hospice since we started working together. Due to the regular nature of the income, it allows us to plan-ahead at a time when our services come under increasing demand. As we didn’t previously have our own lottery, we now have around 14,000 people who might not have otherwise supported the Hospice. Our partnership with Local Hospice Lottery helps us immensely now, and will continue to do so in the future.”
Jackie Johnston, Strathcarron Hospice


“Working with Local Hospice Lottery is one of the best decisions we have ever made! Using collective knowledge and experience, together with cost sharing, working with the Local Hospice Lottery now provides St Luke’s Hospice with a regular & reliable income stream, which is over £1 million, enabling us to support our patients & the local people who use our services.”
Marilyn Debattista, St Luke’s Hospice, Basildon


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